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Amsterdam Tournament
Tournament organiser : FC Abcoude
Location : Abcoude
Dates : 08th - 09th of June 2019
1. Rules.
All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the game as laid down by the International Football Association Board, as issued by F.I.F.A and in accordance with the rules of the K.N.V.B. The organising club, above, has received the necessary permission to host the tournament from the K.N.V.B. The organising club shall form an organising committee (tournament committee) which shall be responsible for all arrangements in connection with the competition.
2. Referees.
All matches will be controlled by referees affiliated to the K.N.V.B. Each team must designate one person to act as linesman.
3. Teams.
Teams sanctioned by their national football association are entitled to participate in this tournament.
4. Team Leader.
Every team must be accompanied by a teamleader. The name, address and date of birth of this adult must be printed clearly on his team's registration sheet. This adult will be deemed to be the team leader and he will be responsible for the behaviour of his players, on and off the field of play. He will be held responsible for the actions of his team within the sports complex and within all other facilities available to the group.
5. Age categories/dispensations.
MO (7) – Men, open age
MO (11)– Men, open age
M35 (7) – Men, born before 01.01.83
Age Control. Prior to commencement of the tournament the team leader must submit, to the tournament committee, a registration sheet which contains the full name, date of birth and shirt number of every player in his team. All players must provide proof of their age and identity. They may be asked to show this proof at any time. The same player may participate in only one team during the whole tournament.
6. Duration of Play.
Categories: Preliminary Rounds.
M 1 x 25 min.
7. Placing matches - preliminary rounds.
The final positions of teams in the preliminary rounds will be determined by the number of points attained. The points system applied will be:
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.
Where teams are level on points in their group the following will apply:
1) goal difference
2) most goals scored
3) the result of the mutual match
4) the drawing of lots.
Placing matches - Intermediate rounds. In the event of a draw, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with the system laid down by the International Football Association Board in order to determine the winners.
Placing-finals. In the event of a draw, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with the system laid down by the International Football Association Board in order to determine the winner.
8. Team Sheets and Substitutions.
Prior to each game the team leader must hand to the referee a teamsheet which must give each player's name, number and date of birth (including substitutions). All five players (including one goalkeeper) from 5 named substitutes on the teamsheet may be played at any time during the game.
9. Every team is obliged to bring a second choice strip of contrasting colour. If, according to the referee, before the start of the match, the colours are too similar then the team mentioned first in the programme must change.
10. Discipline.
When a player is sent from the field or is given a caution, the tournament committee will be notified immediately after the match by the referee. Any player who has been sent off or has received two cautions is not eligible to play in their team's next game. Note: All misconduct reports arising from the tournament will be forwarded to the National Association of the host club who will forward these reports to the National Associations concerned. In case of groupmatches ( = placing matches - preliminary rounds)
all results of a team will be rendered invalid in the following cases:
- if that team is late for a game without a valid reason,
- if that team uses an ineligible player,
- if the referee has to abandon a game due to misconduct of players of that team.
In the intermediate- and final rounds (if there is no question of groupmatches) the team concerned looses in the cases mentioned automatically its match with the result 0-3.
11. Protests.
The referees decision in all matters concerning points of play shall be final and binding, therefore protests in this area are not accepted. All other protests should be made only by the responsible team leader to the tournament committee no later than 15 minutes after the match. The tournament committee's decision on all protests is final and binding. The tournament committee also decides in cases not foreseen in these tournament rules.
12. Schedule.
The tournament committee has the right to alter the competition schedule should unforeseen circumstances occur.
13. Responsibility.
It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players. The tournament organisers and Euro-Sportring are not responsible for damage to, and loss or theft of possessions or equipment of participants or clubs. They are also not responsible for personal harm or injury to participants.
14. Alcoholic beverages
It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages. It will be confiscated by Euro-Sportring. 

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